Magnetic simplicity has come to micro USB charging cables

When Apple revealed the new MacBook in 2016, one of the biggest issues raised with the notebook’s new design (aside from ire over the slew of new adapters you’d inevitably have to buy) was the removal of one of its most beloved proprietary features, the magnetic charging cable. Thankfully, third-party peripheral makers have taken up the slack to bring the satisfying click of a magnetic charger to tons of new devices, including that new MacBook, Android phones, and other micro USB devices.

This MagCable does exactly what it says on the tin: provides a magnetic cable connection with an unobtrusive plug that stays in your phone’s charging port. With a firm, but breakable link, you can save your device’s Micro USB port from unwanted strain. And you can easily plug and unplug your phone in the dark one-handed thanks to a reversible magnet.

This cable includes two magnetic tips, so you can grant magnetic powers to a second device or to save in your drawer as a backup. You can get the MagCable Magnetic Micro USB Cable for 31% off, at $21.99.


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