Uber driver snaps after taking crap from spoiled brat


After waiting and waiting for a passenger in Chicago, an Uber driver is about to leave when two young women slide into his back seat. One of them immediately gets on his case.

“You weren’t at our location, Jesus Christ,” she says. In reality, he was across the street because the corner that she was at was too crowded with other cars.

She goes on to berate him, and then… “she broke me,” he says on his YouTube description.

“Get the fuck out of my car,” he tells the women.

“Are you joking?” she says.

“No, I’m dead serious, get the fuck out.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Nope.”

The women do not budge, and he gets more and more irritated. One of the women suddenly turns sweet, asking him in a syrupy voice if he’ll please just take them home. Her entitled friend, however, is offensive. Her strong bitchy Valley Girl accent makes it hard to tell if she’s drunk or just spoiled rotten.

Yes, the driver loses it and calls her a “bitch” and a “cunt,” but it’s easy to see how someone can “snap,” as he also says in his Youtube description, with such an obnoxious brat in his car. Finally a bystander comes over to try to smooth things out, but isn’t much help. The driver ends up telling the bystander to close the door, he’s going home, and if the woman doesn’t get out of his car, she’ll have to be dropped off at his house. She ends up finally getting out of his car, but not before he flips her off while she tapes him (although this tape comes from his own dash cam).

The driver defends himself on his YouTube description with this great line: “I get paid to drive, not to eat spoiled rich brats shit.”


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