Giveaway Alert: A trio of Google’s top devices

Google Pixel Phone, Google Home, Virtual Reality Headset…all items on my personal wish list (and probably yours too). That’s why I highly suggest entering the Google Hardware Giveaway and getting the chance to win them all for free.

The Pixel is Google’s answer to Apple’s tightly integrated mobile ecosystem. Bringing high-end refinement to an Android without any of the typical manufacturer-installed bloatware, the Pixel aims to give the iPhone a run for its money.

To pair with your new smartphone, this giveaway also includes the Daydream View VR Headset to take full advantage of the Pixel’s flagship specs. Rounding it all out, the Google Home upgrades your Wi-Fi network experience with voice control and compatibility for smart TVs, lights, and other connected home devices.

These new devices are exciting enough by themselves. Combined together, they unveil the true potential of Google’s services. Enter the Google Hardware Giveaway for free today-but act quickly, because this opportunity will be gone soon.

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