Trump staffer convicted of felony election fraud in 2012 case


Brandon Hall, a Michigan man who worked Donald Trump’s election campaign, forged signatures on a petition in 2012 and faces up to five years in jail. At the time he was working for judicial candidate Chris Houtaling, not the Bloated Peachbeast of Queens N.Y.

In 2012, Hall was convicted for stealing from a school fundraiser where he serves on the Grand Haven school board. He ran earlier this year for the state House 89th District.

In a statement, Progress Michigan said Hall’s conviction is proof that former Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount effort should continue in Michigan.

“Donald Trump has made claim after claim calling the integrity of the election into question, but his Michigan campaign had no problem hiring a staff member facing election law charges,” executive director Lonnie Scott said. “The fact that the Trump campaign and the Michigan Republican Party embraced Brandon Hall is just one more reason to recount and audit the vote in Michigan.”

Trump attracted a certain kind of boy, scathing but scruple-free. Disgust and humorless mirth orbiting a black hole of self-loathing. Now he’s in power they’ll turn on him and switch into opposition, because that’s where the action is going to be.


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